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We pride ourselves on striving to bring our customers in Ocean Beach and Point Loma the very best wines and beers from around the world. In order for us to do this we must test and sample these products. It's a tough job but someone's has to do it. We included this page on our website so you can share in our struggles.




Ballast Point Victory at Sea Vanilla Coffee Imperial Porter

If you are looking for a mouthful then this beer is for you. Immediately after pouring this beer you'll notice it is as dark as the creepy label suggests. The head consists of of tight to medium sized bubbles that leaves rings around your pint glass reminding you how much your taking from each draw. The nose is heavy on the vanilla and sweet caramel. Once you get a mouthful you'll taste the roasted barley and with 10% alcohol, it's no surprise that this is a full bodied beer. The finish was nice and left the back of my throat dry which was a nice surprise in a beer this rich. This beer gets the thumbs up and comes recommended for any Stout/Porter drinker.